Psychic? Or a good listener?

“Though he’ll deny it, we’re pretty sure Garth Jones is psychic. Throughout the process of finding our perfect first home in the Brandon / Riverview area, Garth led the way in helping us navigate the process. Time after time, he predicted what would happen before it actually did! That’s the mark of a true expert. Garth’s style of showing a house is something we REALLY appreciated. He’s not the type of realtor who will rush you through the house with a sales pitch. He allowed us the time to explore each house on our own, never pressuring or pushing us, but instead, listening to us and learning our preferences. He spent time educating us and explaining each step of the process. When it came time to put in an offer, we felt confident about our decision because of the knowledge Garth shared with us. Garth’s vast knowledge of the market and potential issues in each house was a great asset. He was quick to spot items that need repair or replacement (roofing, AC, hot water heaters, plumbing), items that needed to be brought up to code (fire hazards, electrical issues), or houses that should be avoided because of serious issues (uninsurable). When the right house came through on MLS, we knew instantly that it was the one. But Garth—psychic, remember?–knew long before that. He had identified the neighborhood and the floorplan he thought we would like and set up a targeted search for our home. We were the first ones to see it and had our offer in by the end of the day. Garth showed us a lot of respect, even though we were pretty clueless about what we wanted at the beginning of our search. His quick response rate made us feel like a priority. As first-time homebuyers, we were really lucky to find Garth to guide us. Buying our house was actually fun and Garth’s expertise made the process easy. Garth is truly one of the best real estate agents in Tampa. TL;DR Garth is an expert in his field, incredibly patient with first-time homebuyers, and sometimes psychic. -Laura & Charlie”

— Laura and Charlie , 2017 Homebuyers